About Us

About the Blazen Divaz                 

The Blazen Divaz founded in 2009, consist of a group of active young-at-heart women in the Inland Northwest that believe in restorative powers of group exercise, camaraderie and creative expression with the goal of spreading cheer through event and parade participation. Membership is flexible and affordable, and routines adaptable to meet each woman's ability

The Blazen Divaz believe in the beauty of every woman, and makes the members feel like the stars that they are. Glamorous hair and make-up is assured by our talented costume and make-up chairs. A generous use of glitter and bling completes the transformation of our members from their daily persona into a Diva.

The Blazen Divaz delights audiences with innovative costumes, custom created by their own talented sewing team. Costumes and props are varied each year to accompany the selected music. The music is selected to engage the audience, young and old alike, The Divaz often feature innovative LED technology that make the Blazen Divaz shine and glow in evening events